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Related article: or sometimes nearly six hundred strong, a number much in excess of many nominally Order Griseofulvin complete regiments twenty years ago, and that each is managed by two or three very young officers, with a very inadequate proportion of non-commissioned officers, it says a great deal for the good disposi- tion Griseofulvin Online of the rank and file that military offences are very in- frequent and that serious crime is almost unknown. In times of trouble and warlike excitement, there is never any difficulty in finding recruits for our army and the advantages of the service are becoming so gene- rally well known that well edu- cated, well-to-do lads have been for many months past taking the Queen's shilling in sufficient num- bers to meet our by no means small requirements. Among the crowd of young recruits to be seen in any barrack square, how- ever, there will be found a sprink- ling of older men, some who have been invalided home from the seat of war and some reservists who, having been called up for service, have for one reason or another not been sent into the field but have been sent to do duty with the reserve squadron. Speaking generally, for Purchase Griseofulvin of course there are many exceptions, these older men are perhaps more Generic Griseofulvin diffi- cult to manage and are not so keen about their work as the young recruits. The men who have been sent home from the front have generally suffered from disease in some form and, though they have recovered, are not in the strongest of health or the best condition for hard and tiresome work. Riding-school and mus- ketry practice seem rather tame and tedious after the excitement Buy Griseofulvin and constant changes of active service. The reservists are not unnaturally somewhat dissatisfied in finding themselves back at the old routine duties and say that they had thought that they had been summoned from a peaceful life in order to fight. They had Griseofulvin Buy responded willingly to the call to arms, but they feel themselves somewhat illtreated in being de- prived of their share of honour and in being sent to do the old wearisome drills and fatigues. They all do their duty and behave well, besides giving a little stiffening to the crowd of boys, but they certainly do not attack their work in the most cordial spirit. The due supply of non-com- 393 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Decembu missioned officers has naturally been a matter of great difficulty. There is never to be found in any regiment at any time a super- abundance of thoroughly well- trained, intelligent and trust- worthy non-commissioned officers, and, when the corps were mobi- lised, the commanding officers may be pardoned, if Where To Buy Griseofulvin they took all their best men to serve in the field. Each Buy Cheap Griseofulvin corps was filled up with reservists and strangers to make it effective and few reliable sergeant-majors, sergeants or cor- porals could under the circum- stances be spared to remain with the reserve squadron. The con- sequence was that the reserve squadrons, on which depended the collection of recruits and training them for service, were left with non-commissioned officers who, though very worthy men, were not in every case the best that would have been selected for their special duties. Of course also, it was not anticipated by many commanding officers that the South African campaign would last so long as has proved to be the case, and they did not organise the reserve squadrons of their regiments with the care and fore- thought that would have been bestowed, if it had been antici- pated that they would have had much arduous work thrown upon them. In Buy Griseofulvin Online almost all cases, there- fore, the non-commissioned officers, who are to be found with the reserve squadrons and to whom the training of recruits is neces- sarily entrusted, are not remark- able for great capacity in that particular duty. Then for officers. Nearly the most important man in a reserve squadron is the riding master and some regiments left their riding masters in England while some took them out to the seat of war. There has been plenty of work for experienced riding" masters in South Africa, not so much to teach riding, for there is no leisure for preliminary instruction during a campaign, but to take charge of the numerous remounts that came from all quarters of the world and to do something to make them fit for the ranks : but it is tolerably obvious that it would have been better if, in every case the riding master had been left at home to grapple with the train- ing of the recruits of his regiment. In the case of reserve squadrons where the regimental riding master has not been left with them, the duties have been placed in the hands of an officer recalled from the retired list, and though such a gentleman may be most efficient, he is certainly old for his position and, having been absent from the army for some years, he finds himself, when he is brought back, face to face with new theories, new conditions and new requirements. It is quite wonder- ful and most praiseworthy to see how well these riding masters, who have returned to regimental work after years of retirement, have risen to the level of their duties and how admirably tliey have encountered all difficulties. Among all the many men to whom England owes a debt of gratitude for rallying to her standard in the hour of need, these riding masters are by no means the least de- serving. There has been lately not a little sneering at our Purchase Griseofulvin Online officers and especially our cavalry officers. They have been stigmatised as lax, incompetent, lazy and in no way devoted to their professional Order Griseofulvin Online work. Would that the glib critics could see what has been accom- plished by the young officers who are in charge of the reserve squadrons of the regiments now serving abroad ! These gentle- I900.] THE RESERVE SQUADRONS. 393 men have proved their profes- sional zeal during the past year by toiling early and late at the most thankless work; they have most completely rebutted the charges of laxity and laziness by